Laser device for ear acupuncture, Laser acupuncture. provides the best laser device for ear acupuncture in the field of laser acupuncture .

In ear acupuncture, we use the meridian frequencies and Nogier or Bahr frequencies .We include special diagnostic features  according to VOLL and also according to NOGIER (RAC pulse test).

For Ear acupuncture it is suggested to use the frequencies which should be based on zones and specific acupuncture points.Ear acupuncture works on the idea that structure of body  and physiological functions are plotted on the superficial surface of the ear. Ear stimulation can be used for detecting health conditions in body reflective parts.

The two auricular methodologies which are used have common techniques but differ in their theoretical origin.The old style belongs to ancient Asia and comprises of the stimulation of points located on the ear. This old system uses the traditional Chinese theory which follows the flow of Qi, circulating through meridians and thus directed on ears. Ear acupuncture modern version assume the idea that a system of reflexes are organised on the outer surface of ears in  organised alignment.This modern version relate acupuncture points to organ function .It includes master controlling points to relieve pain, glands activation and sedation production .It also involves the balance of left and right hemispheres of brain.


Laser Treatment For Pain

Suffering from acute pain on account of injury? Laser Treatment For Pain from is the solution.

The concept that light energy from a laser can reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate healing in damaged tissues, relax muscles, and stimulate nerve regeneration seems farfetched has a special  Laser Treatment For Pain which helps in specific injuries in sports arena,  chronic injuries and minimization of inflammation .Since it is non toxic ,it actually promotes regeneration without side effects, it is safe treatment for tennis elbow,back painshoulder bursitis,tendonitis, sprains and strains.